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VividCraft is a very unique faction server. We try to make the faction gamemode for players fun, thrilling and a competitive experience for all servers. We have wonderfull staff all staff is carefully chosen and tought how to deal with cheaters, rule breakers, spammers etc. Every time someone gets banned it is reported to the server manager and the server me the server owner. We try to make sure that every ban is ina justified manner. I used to run a server before with the same name. Unfortunetely that server didn't go well. This time I know what im doing and plan to bring the faction fun to the table for all players! If you want to get started on our server the best place is to visit our website I want to build a large community on this server I am really addicted to factions and want to see more people on! Also every month if we reach our donation goal we have a special reward this month the reward is 20 Creeper Eggs for ever player on the server! So come join now and start a faction with your friends the ip is MC.VIVIDCRAFT.NET

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